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Any one else have problems with these guys? I've been busy as hell for a while now, so it is hard to get away to drop my car off the get serviced. I needed to get my A/C fixed in my GTS as well as get an oil change. I found out late last night that I had a meeting schedualed only a few miles from Big Valley so I figured I would drop the viper off on the way back to the office and hitch a ride with someone else that was at the meeting. When I showed up to the dealership, Marv, the "viper guy" came out and I told him what I needed done. He said that his viper tech was out of town so it would be a few days before he could get to it. I said that was fine, keep the car as long as he needs it. He then starts yelling at me that he can't keep the car because he doesn't have anywhere to store a viper. I know they have a large garage to store cars as I have had both of my vipers stored there while work was being done. After hearing Marv get all fussy, I asked to speak to one of the owners of the store, Norm, that has always taken good care of me. He says, "what, is Norm going to do your oil change? What do you want with him? We can't take your car!" Fuck that place. They will get no more of my business. It certainly seems like a piss poor way to treat someone who bought a viper from them. Doesn't the average viper owner own something like 2.3 vipers or something? Does he not know that we are statistically speaking, repeat customers? I found another dealer that was happy to take my car and was much nicer. From what the service person told me, they get a lot of vipers. I'm guessing that I am not the only one to find this problem with big valley.
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