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Big Thanks To RSI

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Just wanted to give a big thanks to Jason down at RSI. He took time out of his BUSY schedule to take time to walk one of guys though re-installing some lines on a new comp coupe tranny. That says a lot for someone to put there customers on hold for a few moments just so he can help out a fellow Viper owner!! Thanks again Jason!! /images/graemlins/thumbs2
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You have just found out what 99.9999% of the Viper owners, gear heads in Houston and around have always known, RSI is A-#1 TOP-FLIGHT. Jason and Gerald both will always take time from a busy schedule to give a hand if asked.
Paul of RSI and the others are exactly the same, great people and
Deer Hunters in their spare time, especially Gerald, he is still looking for the 12 pt buck that got away.
Take it Easy
Houston, Portland mix, and TN
Jason, is your avatar screwin' a knothole????
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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