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Just installed my Roe S/C on my 96 R/T 10 with the help of a good friend. The car or should I say "jet" is a thrill to drive and worth every penny. Just a few more minor tuning to the car and it will be perfect then I will get it dynoed. :thumb:

This is not a daily driven car, but I do drive it on the streets. At idle, the car is sooooo quiet (compared to my S/C mustang) that you would not know it had been blown. What a sleeper, I love it. :sleeping:

BTW, I also finally got a ride in my friend's 97 GTS Roe S/C car (the only other Roe S/C car in the state) and man for ONLY little over $7Gs everyone should get one. For all the Gen 1 guys, save your money now and buy one from Sean, it will be the best investment you will ever make.

Don't want to forget to thank Dave at Roe as well for doing such a great job on customizing my kit for me. :bowdown:

You guys will definately hear from me soon for addtional performance parts. /images/graemlins/thumb1

I will post pics as soon as I finish my valve covers.
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