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Best way to remove adhesive off of auto paint??

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Looking for a easy solution to removing adhesive backing off of automotive paint? I've been told brake cleaner, but you read the can of brake cleaner and it says all over the place not to place it in contact with paint. :ugh:
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Goo like magic!
Thnx.. will try a bottle of it tonight! :thumb:
Or 3M Adhesive Remover...
I ended up using a product called Desolveit. Citrus based.. Worked really well and neutralized the adhesive after about a minute, just took a shop towel and rubbed it all off. Thnx for the advice..
Cool. Goo Gone is the same thing. Its citrus based too. Works like a charm and doesn't hurt paint or anything else. I use my bare fingers to rub it around and the glue comes right off.
WD40 works great...
Roadkill said:
Thnx.. will try a bottle of it tonight! :thumb:
Don't drink the whole bottle.....use it sparingly. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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Penutbutter works great just let it sit overnight.
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