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Tw!tchb!tch said:
Thats just a pic I ran across lol

I refere to the cam as sleeper because I like the melow/smooth idle. I run a MTI SII in my ws6 wich is ground on a 116LSA so it doesnt spill my coffee sitting at a stop light /images/graemlins/yes . Im looking for similar options with the viper.

Smooth idle , lotsa lift and medium durration on a long lobe sep.

Im looking to run the cam with light bolt ons plus possibly a very small blower, 6 - 7psi and a nice tune.

I would recommend you talk to Sean Roe based on your mod list above.

Good bang for the buck and he has a great reputation within the community.
Look to spend about 15K+ for the mods on top of 45K to 60K+ for a nice GTS.

Also...loose the avatar pic...if it's not's cheesy. This is not a ricer board. Spell check works wonders too. :thumb:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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