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Ayrton Senna's crash

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Ayrton Senna\'s crash

Any of you who followed Senna's career like I did will want to be sure and cut away from the Superbowl pregame BS and go to The Learning Channel at 4PM Eastern Sunday afternoon. There will be a very well documented reconstruction and engineering analysis of Senna's fatal crash in the Tamburello curve at Imola. The segment is about 20 minutes long, and I caught the tail end of it while channel surfing earlier this week.

If Ayrton were still around, Michael Schumacher wouldn't be a 5-time F1 World Champion - it would be Senna.

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Re: Ayrton Senna\'s crash

Thanks, Dean, for the heads-up! I'll definitely check it out, since I'll probably only be watching the game half-heartedly.
Being in the Bay Area, do I still root for the Traitors--I mean Raiders? Sure wish it was the 49ers playing tomorrow, but I guess without Jerry "He's too old, so let's give him to Raiders" Rice, they're just not the team they could've been...
Re: Ayrton Senna\'s crash

I'll never forget that day. I woke up Sunday morning and clicked on the TV to catch the start of the race. I watched in shock and utter disbelief at the crash and extraction process. Despite what they say, I think he was dead there and then.

I attended the San Marino race in 1998 and spent a few quiet minutes by the newly erected statue of him near that corner.
Re: Ayrton Senna\'s crash

I saw the show a few weeks ago. They keep replaying it so if anyone misses it I am sure you will have another chance to see it.

One thing that has me thinking is that they do not say that a suspension arm killed him by entering his skull. This must have to do with the case still going on.

It was a sad day when Senna was killed. I saw it live on tv and was in shock, I could not believe it.

I agree 100% with Dean, If Senna was still alive M.S. would not have nearly as many championships.

Re: Ayrton Senna\'s crash

A sad time for all race fans.
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