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Avitar pic??

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Can someone make this my avitar?
Thanks Chad
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Chad, go under "My Alley" and then "personal info" and scroll down to "URL to my picture." From there you can paste the URL properties and it should appear. To get properties of photo just right click on image and copy properties and then paste in blank(just wanted to post that in case you did not know).

Nice duo :thumb:
chad, first you probably have to shrink this pic...I have shrunk it for you...import this to your computer and then follow steps above as Jdawg has written...hope this helps...
Sorry JD, didn't realize you shrunk the pic already
Thanks Guys! I feel like a :newbie: although I recognize most of you from the org/com/nation sites
Chad Harrison
Snake Hydes /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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One minor tip -- I'd go with the one Makaha posted, the aspect ratio is correct. Whatever J DAWG used to shrink your photo didn't set the width:height ratio properly so your Vipers look a bit squashed...

Not ragging on the DAWG, just trying to help.


Sweet pic Makaha but you've gotta make that a link for me buddy. In this section anyhow. :thumb:

As I edited Makaha's single post, a few others were inadvertently relocated as well. I'm waiting for the Administrator to help retrieve those replies. Bare with me folks. Thank you.
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