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AUTOart Diecast Help

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Autoart #80047.

1/18 Red Viper GTS-R, Lemans 2000, Car #51, Drivers: Dupuy/Wendlinger/Beretta

I have been all over the internet including links posted from this site only to reach dead ends.

Does someone have one of these they would be willing to part with or trade for another?


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1 - 6 of 19 Posts actually shows one (item #26 of 39 when searching on "Viper").
I ordered it from them only to have them reply that it is not in stock. I found this to be typical of a lot of sites. Just because they have it on their site does not mean that they actually have it.

Most of the AUOTart Vipers are out of production and no longer available.

I am hoping to find someone willing to sell or trade theirs.

Thanks for all the help.

I had already checked at these places and either placed orders that have been refused because the item was no longer available or when I called them they don't have what they have advertised. One place actually showed it in their computer inventory but when they went to fill my order discovered it was gone.

I am going to post on

I had posted here hoping to find someone willing to part with theirs.

Thanks again for the help. These things are getting hard to find.

I am going to keep trying. Not giving up yet.
I ordered the car online with Exoticar. But like so many others, when I called to confirm the order I was told the car was not in stock. Unfortunately, not in stock means never in stock because this car is no longer produced. They show quite a few cars on their website available for sale they don't actually have.

Unfortunately, it was another dead end.
Thanks for the offer. I called the Beverely Hills dealer. No Have.

I will call the others tomorrow. East Coast is closed.
626-445-4566 doesn't have it unfortunately.

What was plan "B"?
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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