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I don't know how to make a link to Sean Roe's post on the VCA but below is the cut and paste of the post regarding Gen 1 S/C....

Hi Everyone,

We finished the Gen 1 kit prototype today and it's ready for production
We went through several part revisions to make it as straight forward to build and install as the Gen2 kit.
The kit is coming off now so we can service the car (the coolant system needs to be flushed, fluids changed, etc) and baseline test it with the stock intake.
Next, the VEC2 will be setup and tested on it (with stock intake). While that's happening, we will finish the engineering drawings in iges and dxf formats. The prototype parts will then go back on the car with the configured VEC2 and we will test with 5, 7 and 8 psi.
This is happening now and over the next couple of weeks. We have three engineers here from Sweden helping us get caught up (amazing how much quicker things can get done with three extra guys working 10 hours a day). Next up is the SRT (we have a car here now and a spare motor with a SC kit bolted onto it) and the intercooler.
The VEC2 will also be available as a stand alone system in the next 2-3 weeks also.
More information will be released as it's available. Thanks for your patience while we continue to grow.


PS. Congrats to Jason Heffner on his run at the V10 nationals. He stopped by with his crew today to visit and show us his twin turbo ride (Very Nice!)

:bowdown: /images/graemlins/drive

Don't about you guys, but I am getting me those of when I get it...I will change my name and throw a big party...
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