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ATTN: Janni!

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Hey, with the sale of the Patriot, are you now daily driving the SRT-10? (To the extent you drive on daily basis, of course...)
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Been daily driving the SRT for a few months now - about 3K miles. Been to the autocross twice, all over town - running errands, shopping, etc. etc.

It's been pretty good as a DD- gas mileage is abyssmal - (I know, I know - never complain about gas when you have 500HP...)

It's just *different* than the GTS - some ways easier to live with and someways worse. I think the visibility is worse. Seats, better. Brakes - well, gobs better would be an understatement. handling - better. Stereo - better. Noise- worse - I liked my Borla, and the SRT has a fair amount of wind noise. Wet weather drivability - much better. Storage - better, but not by much - nicer that it's "hidden". Headlights are phenomenal.

It's growing on me as the engine loosens up and I can get on it - the car is very well planted making it easier to driver closer to the limits.

And yes - I HAVE driven my Viper today. :)
Opus has been in the Sunday comics for 2 weeks now - we're catching up on what's been going on in his life in Antartica with him Mom. Typical Opus.... :) It's good to have him back!

And John - ride with me ANYTIME - if you dare.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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