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ATTN: Dr Roof!

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I know over at .mORg you were asking about what rims to put on your new GTS. I think the black centers will look great! That would probably be my choice. Heres some pics I have that I thought you might want to see.

The rims are 18 inch HRE (NOT R Series) 546's with the anodized black centers.




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I'm not usually big on black wheels, but that car looks mighty nice :thumb:
I've never liked black rims or even gun metal wheels. Basically, if I can't see my reflection in them, it ain't shiney enough.

Once again, Greatness!

Those wheels go with a Bumblebee like Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Great Job.

Jay K.
Very Nice

I cannot decide between this style or the 547 HRE Chromed out.

thanks for the picture
What about Mustard Yellow.....??????????????????LOL
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