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VetteZ06 said:
RedSnakeGTS said:
can i have your autograph?
-You guys like Chuck Norris? Funny brothers friend worked at Alice's in Santa Monica (this is like 10 years ago) as a waiter (his name is Eric), and one night in walks Chuck Norris's brother. Chucks brother tells the maiter'de (however its spelled) that Chuck is coming in and to get the table ready or whatever. Eric happens to be standing there when this is occurring and JOKINGLY tells Chucks brother that he "loved it when Chuck got his ass kicked by Bruce Lee in "Return of the Dragon"", and that was that. So as the night passes Eric happens to be walking by Chucks table, a mistake, when Chuck reaches up and grabs Eric by the neck in a "vulcan death pinch" bringing Eric to his knee's and tells him he better watch his mouth. Eric is no tough guy so he does nothing. Chuck tells the maiter'de not to ever seat him in Erics section when he comes in again.
I would have kicked the little fucker in the jimmy! Beat that old man down!
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