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I travel the burbs via 88 294 90 and 94 and have started seeing F body cars and Mustang Cobras all in Navy Blue with the Gumballs or Cherries in the back window with something or other pulled over on the shoulder of the road. However, tonight on the way back from Dropping off the P's at O'Hare Airport what should I see but a Navy Blue Mustang Cobra Gumballs Red and Blue and A Black Firebird pulled over with a Red faced driver! LOLOLOLOL Now THATS alotta color! This totally smacked of a streetrace taking place right after Cumberland and before Nagle on I-90 inbound. So just to summarize, If you see a jumpy Navy blue sports car either a Camaro or Cobra watch your blind spot. A couple of years ago the state was running white vehicles that were also unmarked like the Navy Blue that I've mentioned.


Jay K.
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