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With neon [email protected] w/2.2 60ft:

Crapstain GT 4.6L/5.0
loads of civics/integras/cellica GTS's/focus and other imports.
80's vette
WS6 Firebird. (i think the idiot couldn't drive, I shouldn't have won)
Z3 3.0
BMW 330xi
I forget the rest. Don't ask me what I was beat by...cause I got my ass handed to me many more times then I could count. Espicaly up against 300ZX, WRX, supras, C5's SVT cobras...well you get it...real sports cars. On the street I don't see too many american cars other then crapstains. You'll see a vette here or there. Mostly imports.

With Viper (no times yet):

C5 vette (must have been a was SLOW)
SVT Crapstain

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Me- New balance sneakers size 12 EEE or EEEE width


Turtle, wasted his ass from a stop and also from a roll :nod:

Field mouse- fucker had me in the twisties, but I smoked his tiny ass in the straights. /images/graemlins/smiles

Rabbit (not sure what kind, but was wild)- wasted me, no contest.

Grasshopper- he got the jump, but I blew past him after only about 6 feet.

This was the toughest one, a carp- He had me from he get go, but I reeled him in. :doh:


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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