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Hello, all! Just wanted to let you know that we're here to support the members of!
Please check out our website at Our Lethal Viper packages are designed to take your Viper from mild to wild. (Did I call the Viper mild?!?) We up the power to 500, 600, 650, or 750hp, all naturally-aspirated, and will soon be installing Paxton superchargers as well. Our 550 cu. in. '01 ACR Lethal 750 test car recently hit 671rwhp. If you're in the neighborhood, please call or email me to arrange a ride in this beast! It truly is an eye-popping experience! :shocked:
Aside from the Lethal packages, we also sell and install the following upgrades: brakes, exhaust, suspension, induction, safety, etc.
I'm looking forward to supporting! Feel free to call or email me whenever you have questions or need something, ok?
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You should run that car in OTC. Or at least go do burnouts in Gleason's driveway.
We're thinking about it, although the torque we're making (800+lb./ft.) would be a bear on the tight corners of the road courses...
You should hear the stories of Gleason and me from high school. It's a wonder no one got killed. Ask him about the time he almost drove my dad's station wagon off a cliff. It's a hoot. /images/graemlins/freak3.gif
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When you say "with," do you mean conjugally? /images/graemlins/crazy.gif
Yes, although Wayne's always been somewhat part-time. He's going to business school, so he's mainly here to help out with Viper parts sales/service and give thrill rides with his Lethal 750 ACR. :burn:
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