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I was talking with Lou Espey the Service Manager at King Dodge (friend of mine and where I get all my warranty work done) and they have a Red 2004 SRT/10 they'd like to sell.

He said they would really deal on it (rather than just tie up $$$ on their floor plan and just cost them interest money).

They do alot of service work on Gateway VCA members cars, but aren't a major player in new Vipers. But you have to sell them to stay up on the program.

Lou told me how much markup there normally is and they're willing to sell it for next to no profit to make the deal. (hate to post $$$ numbers and offend other dealers here).

If you're interested contact Lou at King Dodge (St.Louis, MO) at 314-832-7200.

Hope my posting this here doesn't break any rules or offend anyone, I just thought somone may want a deal on a SRT/10.
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