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Anyone know this guy (selling his viper) ??

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^--lol @ url. If it isnt clickable, just copy n paste.

I googled his # and his name is Craig Donaldson, ( Marina Del Rey, CA ). It looks like hes the pres of a modeling company or something.

Anyhow, I'm in NC, thats a helluva long ways to go for a bad deal. Anyone know him or his car ('s condition) ?

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That Zip code is in the east somewhere. Just give him a call.
just give him a call and tell him all the personal info you've got on him, and after he completely freaks out talk him down to $25k... :)

i believe that car has been for sale for a while.. i've been eyeballing it and its relatively local to me (2 hours away in LA).. i dont see any mention of AC so that would be the first question i would ask, secondly i would ask if the head gasket has been replaced, and if not, does it have an extended warranty.. actually it wouldnt hurt to ask about the warranty either way...

honestly though, its been for sale for so long that if it was such a good deal it would probably be gone already, or it sold already but the guy hasnt removed the ad...

There are several of us in the LA area...Let me know if you can set it up for a few of us to show up with our Vipers and put some eyeballs on it for ya....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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