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Anyone have trouble with their serpentine

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belt shredding? My buddy's 00 RT has gone through two in the last year.
I'm telling him that there must be a pulley out of alignment.
Also does anyone have another source for these belts besides DC?
$84.00 CND :fist:, that's nuts for a little serp belt.
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Might double check that price, we list those belts at $55.45 at our dealership.
Thanks, your price is in USD....right?
Mine is in Canadian funds, but still I thought it was high.'s only 80 bucks, it's just that I have my buds car at home and he's 200 miles east of me.
I've got a garage with all the goodys and he lives in a Condo, so needless to say the work on his car gets done at my place.
His car is still under warranty and his dealer is aware of the problem. However his dealer is also 200 miles east of where his car is and I thought if the belt was cheap enough, we'd just sacrifice a belt till we can get it into his dealer. The last one lasted a couple thousand miles.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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