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Does anyone have a set of HRE's, Fiske's, or CCW's that are either black powdercoated or annodized they may want to swap for my HRE 541's???

Mine are 19 x 10 front and 19 x 13 rear and are clearcoat protected. There are no noticable scratches or blemishes on the wheels, usual wear, no dings, chips, grooves, ect... The tires are 285 front and 345 rear with new pilot sports with less than 500 miles on them that i may or may not work into the trade.

[image][/image] rear left
[image][/image] front left
[image][/image] front right
[image][/image] right rear
click on the "my viper" user gallery for more pics...
Drop me a PM, thanks. /images/graemlins/smiles
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