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Anyone have a late-model 5.7 with cam probs?

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My son's 2010 Ram has a problem on moderate to heavy accel where it "lays down" starts missing and sets a MIL code for #5 cyl misfire.

We put new plugs in, and changed the coil pack but it didn't help. We can hear a tapping at #5 valve cover. Went to RAMforumz and searched for similar. A guy with a 2011 who described the same problem got blown off by the dealer. He pulled a valve cover and posted a short video clearly showing incomplete valve lift on #5.

I'm dropping the truck at my dealer on Friday to see what they figure out. Let's hope that 5/100 powertrain warranty does what it's supposed to do.
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I've had one with a bad mds solenoid, and one with a bad ecu on the mds circuit. Sounded like a typewriter almost. Oil changes are key on those.
Yeah, we were wondering if the MDS could be the issue, but my Snap-On scanner can't read that. At least no codes set.
I have replaced many 5.7 cams for the lobes on the cam wearing out, wanna replace all the tappets too while you are in there.
What's the deal - did they not heat treat a batch of them after grinding?
What's the deal - did they not heat treat a batch of them after grinding?
not sure, but we had a rash of them for a while, doing 2-3 a day.
Head was warped on my friends Ram. Did the same thing you described.
OK - the answer was the intake lifter for #5 somehow turned sideways and ground down the cam lobe. New parts installed and all covered under standard powertrain warranty - except for the engine oil.
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