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Anyone ever had Plastic headlights polished ??
I've run into a small snag........... There's a guy that's polishing my headlights from my '96 GTS, He called me to tell me that these headlights have somekind of a clear coat on'em, and polishing these would take literally forever.
The crappy part of it is that he's already started on BOTH of'em, and now I need someone to finish the job.

Do you know of ANYONE who does this sort of work professionally ??

If all fails, I might be in the market for a pair of Lenses for my Viper... /images/graemlins/cry.gif

Any help would be appreciated..... Thanks

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I know Vipers are not the same but my experience with plastic headlight covers. I've got them on my Lexus and when mind got dull a couple of months ago I just took some light compound and buffed it on and off. Helped a lot but did not bring them back to the factory look! Not sure if Viper's would be the same or not.
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