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Anyone change their entire exhaust system ??

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I'm actually looking for a pair of Cats for a '98+ viper that came from the factory with the header style exhaust manifolds. Again, I'm only in need of the stock Cats with the flex pipe attached.
I was thinking that if you've changed your exhaust system, you might just have these parts left over. Please let me know if you do.

Thanks !!
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I have a set. Although, I'm not rich, so I have to get some money for these to help pay for my HP addiction. That's the bad news. Here's the good - Dodge wants $1900 for both sides (new)!!! The cat + flex pipe sold as one unit. Can't buy separately. A infamous Viper parts vendor wants $500 for both sides (used). I will sell my set for $300. They are off a 2000 GTS with 3,000 miles. Interested? Let me know.....

[email protected]

I am interested also but only need the portion between the header and the catalyst. No need for the cats. If you can part with the connections with the flex joints for a reasonable amount contact me at [email protected]

Here's the problem with separating the flex pipe/cat.

1.) It is one piece. I would have to do extra work and cut these things. Sawsall or torch, which I don't have. To be honest, taking these things to a muffler shop, cutting them, and selling the flex pipes for a $100 (or whatever), is not really worth the time. Not to mention the $30-$60 they will charge me for 5 minutes of work. I would also have to trash the cats, as they are basically worthless at this point.

2.) On your end, you would have to weld or fabricate a connection to your cat. I'm not sure this is the way to go...

** I think $300 is very reasonable, when others are charging more (used), and Dodge is raping people at around $2,000. Although, you may get lucky and find someone that will give them away.... Oh well, good luck either way...

The problem with a price of $300 is that when you add up the cost of the Borla shorty headers, header coating, the flexible section, etc. you are almost at the same cost point as the Edelbrock headers, which include the turnout and have better appearance, sound and performance. For the $300 price the removed catalysts and flex pipes will collect dust until they eventually find their way into the garbage at some future point.

As far as the work to remove the cats it would be a 5 minute job per side with a hacksaw IMHO. That would pay for itself as the cost to ship the cats (heavy and bulky) would be high.

I hear were your coming from. And I agree with 90% of your comment. Were I don't agree is no one will buy them. Parts vendors get $500 used. If they can, why can't I? There is a demand for these pieces, beyond people installing aftermarket headers. Many people with a stock system develop a leak in the flex pipe (they rot), and have to replace. When the dealers tell them $2000+ to replace, my measily $300 looks very attractive. This being said, I haven't tried to place any ads to sell these. So I guess time will tell.....
I bought my entire 2000 system (headers, flex section, resonator section and rear muffler/tail pipes) for $500. At the time I didn't think it was a stellar deal by any means, starting to think I did all right, if the vendors are getting $500 for just one of the 4 pieces per side, ouch.

Of course it is a Viper, ugh.....

Onerare, anyone that buys your pipes will no doubt want the cat chopped off as anyone that would be into the exhaust and put stock cats back on that destory side sill paint in normal cases and catch the car on fire in extreme cases is a few bricks short of a load!!

You'll get your three from someone. There are only so many out there, even moreso as the 96 and 97 are a different mounting flange than yours.

Sean Roe will weld on the correct length of piping (precat side) for I think 40 bucks, complete with relief cuts for the flange, a good deal in my book. One less area for problems to occur with piping length.......
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