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1100 HP ? , what a deal . not for me! /images/graemlins/gasthrower.gif Stage 3, Twin Turbo System - 1100+hp
This is the ULTIMATE VIPER TWIN TURBO SYSTEM. Completely streetable.
Imagine your daily commute in a car capable of high 8's-low 9's with all accessories!

Two Garrett T04E 60-1 Turbos - Custom Spec, Compressor Housings Polished and Anodized

Jet Hot Coating of turbine housing - 2000 Degree Thermal Barrier Coating

Two TiAL 45HP Wastegates - anodized

Custom Fabricated Intercooler(s)

Fuel Injectors

Engine Management System

Bosch Fuel Pump

Custom Fuel Rails

Aeromotive Fuel Filter

Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Stainless Turbo Headers - mandrel bent

Stainless Turbine Flanges - CNC Cut

Stainless Downpipe Flanges - CNC Cut

Custom Downpipes - Mandrel Bent

Custom Turbo(s) to Intercooler Tubing - Mandrel Bent

Custom Intercooler to Intake Tubing - Mandrel Bent

K&N Air Filters

Custom-fit MSD Spark Plug Wires

Custom Bracketry

Oil Filter Relocation Kit

Performance Exhaust Gaskets

Two TurboXS Type H-RFL Blowoff Valves

Reinforced Silicone Hose Connectors

Stainless T-bolt Clamps - aircraft grade

Dual Oil Feed

Dual Water Feed

Autometer Boost Gauge

Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge

Stainless Braided Oil Lines with -AN Fittings

Stainless Braided Water Lines with -AN Fittings

Stainless Braided Fuel Feed Lines and -AN Fittings

Stainless Braided Fuel Return Lines and -AN Fittings

Fuel Tank Modifications for Return Line

All hardware

Engine Modifications:
Disassemble Long Block & Reassemble

Clean all components

Vat Block

CK-10 Hone

ARP Main Studs

ARP Head Studs

Install Main Studs

Line Hone

O-ring Block

Install Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs

Remove and Replace 10 Pistons

ARP Rod Bolts

Polish Crankshaft

Balance rotating assembly

Disassemble, clean and Magnaflux heads

7-angle Vavle Job

Install 20 Bronze Valve Guides

Surface Heads

Set Valve Stem Height

Full Race, Port and Polish (chamber, bowl and runners)

Modify Heads for 2.02 and 1.60 Valves

10 Custom Forged Pistons for 9:1 Compression w/ Spiro Locks, Full Floating Pins

10 Stainless Steel 2.02 Valves

10 Stainless Steel 1.60 Valves

V10 Gasket Set

Tri-metal Rod and Main Bearings

Manley One-piece Pushrods

Moly Rings

Oil Pump

Double Valve Springs

Roller Rockers, 1.7

Titanium 10 degree Locks

Titanium 10 degree Retainers

Extrude Hone Intake

Transmission/Drivetrain Modifications:
Heavy Duty Half-Shafts

Aluminum Flywheel

HD Clutch and Pressure Plate

HD Transmission Upgrade

1350 Series Driveshaft w/ Yoke and u-joints

Engine Removal and Installation

Turbo Installation

Install Drivetrain Upgrades

Dyno Tuning

$33,500 USD
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