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Another new member.

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:newbie: here...

flame off***
Whats up fella's, to the site. Not a VIPER owner but, have had the pleasure to drive them several times(PAl has 2000 ACR,19 HRE'S, carbon fiber air box, otherwise stock), car. Z06 pilot myself. 124-125mph traps on motor,...130+ when it's giggeling. Not a ton of mods,(stock block but have an 03 block waiting to be punched out)..., VARARAM, ported intake,Heads,big cam, LG motorsports long tubes, BORLA XR-1 "race system", chromeoly 6-point, removeable door bars, NX wet kit. few other lil things. anyways,...walking in here with my chin up and saying hey. Flame suit is on. :busted:
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Hey G didn't you know that is the same "mouth" from this post?

Started off ok but turned into a walking rectum in only a few posts. /images/graemlins/bootyshake.gif

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Ok I understand now. You say "hello, how are you?" before you mind fuck 'em. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

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