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i would like to say that the race was awesome and was worth the trip from kc.every body involved with running this event did an awesome job went very well but not enough cool down time between rounds but other than that it was fun. our car ran well with what little mods were done and seem to hold it's own with some of the faster cars there. we were able to cut 1.48 60' on drag radials and ran a [email protected] 138 mph in case your wondering wich car this was it was the 99 silver gts owned by jason carter. our first attempt at pilots was pretty good also with a 1.7? 60' and an et [email protected] 13? not bad for our first pilot race.and doing all this with the stock clutch! we will be seeing you all again soon! /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif thanks,frank and jason

99 silver gts
jesel rockers
nx wet kit 100-300
tnt headers
mod airlid
full exuast
bfg drag radials
b-m shifter

other than the above it's all stock
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