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Anybody use Amsoil in their viper? I currently use Mobil 1 10W30 with a Mobil 1 filter. At a recent track event, a friend recommended Amsoil 20W50 (he does not drive a viper). After a little research, it does look like Amsoil is superior in some respects including engine wear and boil off. I'm also not sure about the weight (20w50 vs 10w30). I track the car not infrequently but don't want to sacrifice cool weather street driving. Any thoughts?
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ViperRay, this has been discussed before.....check it.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Sgt. Snatch. I'll stick with Mobil 1.
If you're at the track, you should at least be using Mobil 1 15-50. 10-30 is too thin for track work, it'll be like water in no time.

I use Amsoil and have had no problems. I've also used Mobil 1. The two products are both great and as long as you're using a heavier weight for track duty, a ligher weight for street duty, and change it out about as often as your underwear, you'll be fine.
Thanks Mark. I'll start using the heavier weight at the track. One more question while we're on this subject: Does the filter generally need to be changed as frequently as the oil (ie:if I use 15-50 at the track for the weekend and then switch to the thinner oil or vice versa, should the filter always be changed?) It's no big deal either way but hate to throw money away if it's not necessary.
I never change the oil without the filter, even if its only been 2 "days". Remember, track miles equate to a lot more street miles.
I seldom ever disagree with Mr. Young , as he is a dedicated track rat ( and fast at that ), but I think he will find the majority of his combatants are running 10-30w and not 15-50. Thinner viscosity equates to hp, and alot of Oil companies push lower viscosity for racing ( Royal Purple is a good example ). Valvoline has come out with a new line of track oils only, and the lower viscosities are somewhat touted. As everyone has a tendency to change oil after a track weekend ,anyway, go with the lower viscosity and you should see a minor hp gain, as well as having no concern with breakdown.
The best combo I've ever used was Castrol 0w/30 with Oil Extreme additive at 16oz per Gallon of oil. That made more power than any other oil I've tried yet had more wear resistance and film strength for racing loads than 50W oils due to the 270,000psi rated additive. No flames please - for those that can't accept there is any place in this world for an additive - that's nice - don't use it then, I'm big enough to know what I'm doing.

Point is - Bill is right - thinner is better, but you must have a good basic oil to handle the load with a very thin film. If you want a simpler way to go thin safely - Royal Purple is a good oil and specialises in lightweight racing oils :thumb:

Redline also has a good reputation.

Mobil One is ok for modest ramped cams and street clearances - it is not up to a big ramp drag engine - but appears to work fine in the Viper. I've found it to be fine in other hi perf cars - but found the 5W/40 to be noticeably better than the thicker Mobil One versions. Just my 2 cents
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