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Am I Missing Something on the VCA

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Duh, check out the Lambo, Supra, Viper Vette shootout race on the vca....I thought that was a big NO NO over there....thats what happened to Gerald and Moundir!!!


Homer Simpson Quote... " Operator, Operator" ......what's the number for 911 ?
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Oh, they axed it pretty quick as well as the follow up vid with the bike.

I was going to suggest it be posted over here, but it sounds like mentioning the alley over there will also get sensored. /images/graemlins/gasthrower.gif
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Yeah, and its fucked up to because I really wanted to see those 2 videos. :bawling: Oh well, maybe someone will post them on here. /images/graemlins/lurk.gif

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Your avatar is disturbing Austin.
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