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Aluminum trailer

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Ok, this may not be fully viper oriented, but I ask here cause most enter this area. Anyone know where to buy an open aluminum trailer? I'm looking for a deal-used would be good too, thanks, John
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Moundir said:
JID said:
What does a texas rollback in Aluminum go for these days?

good question :idea:
Bade answer. :ugh:
You could always buy my low milage, always garaged, aluminum trailer...........



Tractor not included. :nod:
Hisserman said:
How about that car in front of the trailer? WTF is it?!!
Just your basic 426 hemi powered grocery getter.
Snake Bitten said:
Mark...What do you want for the alumi trailer???
$4,000.00 takes it away. It's custom made by Trailer World in KY. If anyone's got any questions, just p/m me. I have more pictures of it in my gallery....
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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