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Aluminum trailer

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Ok, this may not be fully viper oriented, but I ask here cause most enter this area. Anyone know where to buy an open aluminum trailer? I'm looking for a deal-used would be good too, thanks, John
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No aliminum trailer but I have a kick ass deal on a texas rollback (Roof's) that was made for the Viper :nod: Doors clear fenders, and will not scrap your car or ever need ramps even with the lowest car's out there :thumb:
I think $3700 is what David wanted to sell it for. I believe brand new the trailer was ~$5400. I Hope he will see this post and chime in, but the trailer is located in Ny and I am willing to drive a couple of hours to deliver it for a small fee (lap dance and some dinner):D
JID said:
What does a texas rollback in Aluminum go for these days?

good question :idea:
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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