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Alternative Drag Racing Event.....................

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Hello All,
In view of the recent turn of events regarding the "Powerfest" and the controversy surrounding this event, I'd like to offer an alternative event to be held in Florida. I hope that the Powerfest takes place, but if it does not or for those who would like to attend, here is what I propose and the cost breakdown.
Your feedback will determine if we have this event.


Heads up Racing on the 1/4 Mile at Desoto Motorsports Park in Bradenton Florida. Great weather and easy Tech inspection. Only 1.5 hours drive to Disney and the Orlando Attractions. Only 15 minutes to Sarasota and the Gulf Beaches


STOCK: This is BONE STOCK..only smooth tubes and filters allowed! Stock tires!

Modified: This class is for any bolt on motor/drivetrain accessories on a STOCK SIZE ENGINE. No Nitrous or Supercharger/forced air induction of any kind allowed. (exhaust systems, rocker arms, headwork, cam change, you get the gist). ANY DOT Approved tire acceptable.

Modified 1: This class is a combination of the modified class and can have (1) power adder, like a non direct port nitrous system or a supercharger/turbocharger.

Unlimited: Anything goes, Your stroker engine, direct port NOS, Supercharge or turbocharge with NOS, Automatic Transmission and anything else with a V-10 will fall into this catagory. The unlimited class will have (2) awards, one for motor only and one for fastest in any combination.

The amount of entrants will determine the cash payout(..not from contingencies) to the winners of each class. The payout schedule looks like this(BASED UPON 100 CARS..MORE CARS=MORE CASH, LESS CARS=LESS CASH):


STOCK $ 300.00 $ 150.00
MODIFIED $ 500.00 $ 300.00
MODIFIED1 $ 1,000.00 $ 400.00
UNLIMITED N/A $ 2,000.00 $ 750.00
UNLIMITED $ 2,000.00 $ 750.00

Entry fee will be $ 150.00 for car and driver, add $ 10.00 for each visitor/crewmember. If there is interest we will also set up a Dyno Contest the day before.

If parties wish to offer contingencies, then so be it, but that will be between the vendors and the participants. The object of this event is to RACE, RACE, RACE.

Tentative dates are between the first and 15th of March. We will finalize with participation reqests as the track requires advance notice for securing rental.

I feel confident that the cash payout at this event will be the largest EVER for a Viper Drag Race. Its up to you to make it a reality. Please respond via email or this forum with your RSVP. We can probably arrange for entry fee deposit (50%) to be held by either the VCA or our local Viper club should you not feel comfortable allowing a tuner to escrow your funds.

I await your responses.

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Good idea but another person has already beat you to it. Prashant and the Houston VCA are having a HUGE event the last week-end of March. The will be a Road Course and race on Friday, dyno on Saturday and the drag event on Sunday!! :thumb:

Hope to see you all there too!!!!
Let's just do all three event's. Best out of three wins! Make it a mini series?

I'm in for all three!
Where in the Houston area are you going to find a 1/4 mile track that will let you run without a rollbar? Why are so many people reneging on all these big plans to run THE event? I think it has more to do with cold feet than JPH.

Can't you just get over the BS, show up down here and RUN? The track is great, the weather most likely will be, the locale is very nice and you might actually have a great time despite all the negativism.

What if I hosted it? Would that make a difference?
I am with you Dean. What if I hosted it or something else could be arranged. The fact is, no event that Prashant or whoever else can put together is going to be ablt to find a road course, drag strip in any close location. This was going to be a great drag event no matter who put it on but some of you are not in it for the drag racing part obviously. For years, I traveled all over just looking for other drag racers and it never once mattered who was putting the gig together. The fact was, it was an event with others interested in the same thing and all they wanted to do was compete. So for all you that are now saying I dont think I will come, because blah blah blah, is flat out ridiculous. I guess this reminds me of why I got out of the racing business. And to think, I really thought I would like to get back into it to be around others that enjoyed the drag racing scene. What was I thinking....

Mark H.
"Out of the Racing Business for NOW!!!!"
I here ya! Gary A said there would be no competetion? Please! Plenty of COmpetetion here with my DLM Viper! The powerfest was shaping up to be big, but looks like it is fizzling fast! alot of folks are fast on the internet, but nobody can back it up on the track!
All I care about is finding some folks who want to race.

David - If you're there, I'm there.

Shoot, if something nearby isn't put together soon, I'll have to meet you at a track half-way in between so that we can get some racin' in.

I hear ya!
Dr Roof said:
Let's just do all three event's. Best out of three wins! Make it a mini series?

I'm in for all three! <hr /></blockquote>

Sounds like a plan to me!! See you there all there!! :idea:
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