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alpine navigation w/ xm radio questions

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anyone in here installed such a beast? im seriousley considering it, i keep getting lost when raveling, it pisses me off so much i think im gonna bite the bullet and buy one. anyone here have a setup like this? how much did you drop and what did you get
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im curious myself about installing XM. I dont know where to put the antenna. im afraid its gonna look like hell no matter where i put it. anyone have it installed?
cudaman has it, he has a small antenna on his back glass on his rt/10. he has a dark car that hides it somewhat, it would def. look gross on a gts
XM is coming out with a replacement glass windshield for your car with the antenna mounted inside the glass, you can't really see it and it looks good.
They have little antennas that look just like a little " long bump" (a few inches long) now. You will not even see it unless you look for it.

I will dig up a pic later if I can find one.

thanx jerome, id love to see it.

the window sounds good too.
Put my antenna here. I do not even notice it neither does anyone else. [image][/image]

plumcrazy said:
thanx jerome, id love to see it.

the window sounds good too.
Shit, I forgot all about this thread. Sorry :bonk:

I will dig up that pic later today. Must go watch the racing on tv now /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

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I can't find the exact one I was talking about but here are 2 for now. I will find the other one later.



The list from just Crutchfield

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close but no cigar yet. I see mercedes with a small antenna and assume it is for XM. I gotta find a smaller one than roughly 2 1/2 by 2 1/2
I have not yet found a pic of the one I am looking for.

I will find it someday /images/graemlins/laughing.gif :bonk:Can't remember where I saw it

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I have the Alpine XM radio installed in my GTS with a 12'' JL W6 and two JL audio subs,, boston acoustic up front. The antennae for my XM radio is mounted inside behind the driver compartment. I have it covered in black carper to match the car, it's pretty much invisible and I have no XM radio reception problems. If you would like me to post pictures of the system let me know...
please do, im very interested in them.

or email me some pics of it.
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