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Hope you guys enjoy, these were already posted but since not everyone saw them, I will have them all here in one thread /images/graemlins/yay.gif I have alot more I have to play with to convert to streeming. :bonk:

Viper vs GT2 roll

Viper vs GT2 (dig)

Viper vs GT2 inside view [/quote]

3 way race/slalom
Viper vs Z06(roll)

Viper vs Supra(roll)
Viper Vs Stroked C4 (vette blows up)

FE vs C5
night racing
[email protected]

Viper vs Amg
Viper vs Z06
Viper vs 911 turbo
Viper vs fbody
2 badda55 Vettes
Viper vs Cobra(roll)

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Those are some awesome videos...I like how you played that song when the black Supra gave up..."Don't wanna try" haha and damn that yello Z06 pulls HARD! Great videos though!

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maaan, i watched them all /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif over and over and over and over and over again (are u busy ? /images/graemlins/laughing.gif) thanx

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Hey Mound, wasnt it you who lost to ...maybe I'm wrong...but like a Supra or something? Maybe it wasnt (I havent watched all the vids yet), but whoever it was was complainin' about learning to shift properly.

Anyhow, DLing the Vette blow up video now /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

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Love the videos Mike!! /images/graemlins/headbang.gif

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