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> Aldan shocks and their settings for Drag Racing <

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My Aldan shocks have a setting of 1-6 on the rears and 1-11 on the fronts. Is there a typical best setting on these for drag racing events? I don't have the manual for these so I am not sure if the lower number = a softer setting or if these settings are for rebound or compression. Any help would be appreciated.


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I have mine set at 3 in the fronts and 5 on the rears(as per DLM). I'm on my 3rd set in a few hundred miles. They keep blowing out. Doug Levin and Aldan are working together on this.

What happens when they blow out, or how do you know they have blown out?
When i installed mine, one of the fronts blew 20 feet after backing the car out of the garage. apparently this is a known problem...

basically, the adjustable valve is crap and if they'd used a C-clip on it, it wouldn't blow...

but they do.

Mine were set for 3 and 5, but i've adjusted the fronts to 1 and i _seem_ to get better 60 ft times... still working on that, though.

Somebody is missing something or you have the wrong shock, the correct front shock has settings for both bounce and rebound.
Sorry, the front has both, the rears only have one. On the fronts, are the top knobs the rebound and the bottoms are the compression?
I have the instruction sheet if you want me to fax it to you...

Doug's setup is optimal, although I'd suggest testing and tuning your car per your driving style.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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