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Aftermarket intake, only one of its kind

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Is this the old John Hennessey intake I have heard about?

John, was it yours?

I have seen this same one for sale on about 10 different site already.

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Twin Turbo you say :idea:

Good luck with your new system. :thumb:

Mike do you know anything about this one then?

I have seen pics of this one all over the net.

For some reason I thought it was the Hennessey one. My bad.

John do you find a larger plenum volume better suited to the Twin Turbo setup?

Or is a smaller plenum volume not that bad off?

Thanks John

I never could understand how plenum volume had anything to do with how much hp and tq a forced induction car made.

It is all getting forced in anyway. I would think that intake flow rates have a hell of alot more to do with it than volume. Or am I way off base here?

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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