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Aftermarket intake, only one of its kind

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Is this the old John Hennessey intake I have heard about?

John, was it yours?

I have seen this same one for sale on about 10 different site already.

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Mike has an older intake design. The one in the mrnitrous website, is a more recent design. We changed it and went to a single 90 mm throttle body instead of 2 70 mm's.

Still have not tested it. With the power we are getting from the TT system, we dont need a short runner intake.

Shorty intakes would do well if you were turning the motor up to 7000 rpm, but you really need a dry sump to do that.

Forced induction crams the air thru the stock intake just fine. We got 907 rw hp sae on just 10 psi of boost. I know that sounds like the standard racer bs like "i got 500 hp from a 50 shot". But I thought we would get 800 rw hp on 10 psi and that would impress me. I was shocked to see over 900 rw on such small boost.

So the stock intake aint too bad in my opinion. We hope to see how the intake does on a bit more boost.

Runner length has a great effect on what rpm power is made. Certainly NA motors are much more effected by intake design.

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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