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I am selling a AEM EMS Race System, this is a programable engine management system that works with the 96-03 Vipers. It is brand new never been used. $2470.00 Email me at [email protected] with any questions

-User Configurable Windows Softerware
-Onboard Datalongging
-Comes with complete Library of tuning tips and system design
-User programmable inputs and outputs
-up to 10 cylinder wasted spark distributorless ignition with individual cylinder trim
-Boost Control
-Comprehensive Nitrous Control
-Twin 02 Sensor closed loop control
(Wide range, and Uegoe
-Comprehensive easy to fallow wiring instructions
-Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) Feedback
-Idle motor control
-Extensive electronic automatic transmission control capability
-16/32 bit high speed processor
-Interactive user friendly manual
-Twin Knock sensing control
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