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I want some drag slicks!

Forgive me, for I've little time to come posting or to the Alley lately, but one thing in life I've too much time with is my ET!

My best 60’ times have only ever been 1.8 (street tires) and my best ET 11.6. I have to ease the gas in the first 2 gears and slip the clutch to launch or I spin. What is frustrating is that in the top of 3rd gear and 4th gear, when running against 10 sec cars, I’m reeling them in / catching them down the track! Maybe their speed or gearing is dropping off a little? I have the power just not the traction initially! I know there’s much I could do to my suspension etc, but don’t want to change that for street / autocross driving. What’s the best drag tires out there available (with and without tread) to give best grip? Are there any that will fit on a 17” Viper rim (front if rears too wide?) or if not anyone know for used drag rims? Thanks.

Meanwhile I dream of 10secs!
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