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Who's done it?

Who can teach me how?

I need an adjustment bad! One side is high, the other side is rubbing on the headlight.

The seems have never been "perfect" on my hood. Not even close to a lot of the other Vipers I have seen.

So who can teach me the adjustment points and how to move what?

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I have done it more times than I care to count! Always a pain but sometimes you get lucky and its as easy as moving the latches.

Start by moving the latches up and down. The rubber stoppers are there to hold the hood tight against the latches so you have to move them in relation to the latches. I hope it is that easy for you.

No one ever taught me, I just learned the hard way! The latches are adjustable, the hinges are adjustable, the catches on the toe boxes will also affect up and down of the hood although it is minimal. The headlamps are shimmed for proper height, the fascia is way adjustable and shimmed (3 different places) that will affect hood to fascia gap (both up/down and how close it is to the hood). You can open a real can of worms here, especially on a car with previous impact repairs! Good luck and may the Viper God smile upon you. /images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Start from the front of the doors and work your way forward.

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CitySnake said:
easy peasy.

1)raise front of hood.
2)turn rubber stoppers.
3)play with that until even.
4)go for ride,
5)send me cash.
Geeze about 3.5 close the hood?
in a normal case yes but because of Don's cooling issues I figure that the extra ram air effect will help keep him cool /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif, he just can't turn much.
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