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Adding power...any ideas?

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Thinking about making some upgrades. I had a 5.0 before that had a supercharger and all the bolt on goodies. I am thinking about adding some power to my 96 R/T 10. Contemplating NX Nos...does anyone have any good ideas on what bolt-on works or is NX Nos the way to go. If so, anyone know where I can get some?

Current additions includes:
Borla Exhaust
& K&N airfilters
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All comes down to two things and they both go hand in hand,

1. How much do you want to spend?

2. How fast/quick do you want to go?

Longevity comes into play if you go nuts with things. One of NX's largest dealers. They did my nitrous and it's awesome. Still needs some tuning, but the install is killer and the guys are great to deal with. Ask for Dave and tell him I sent you. They can ship whatever you want.
Cool...thanks for the info.

Money is not a factor...but I am not as determined to break any records. I know they don't make superchargers yet for the 96 R/T. This, of course, is not my daily driver...I take it out 2-3 times a week and just want enough power so that if I every needed to I can go from 70-100 in no time. Know what I mean...
Well, if I have to quantify it, I would say about 600-650 RWHp or something like that.
If it was me I would go for a real nice heads/cam pacakage with the usual headers, exhaust, TB's. Sounds awesome and is fine if you do want to go NX or other power adders later.
I'm with Clint except I'd add blueprint and balance. Nothing beats a well built foundation - you can do anything to it after that and it will respond better than a stock engine ever could.

I hate bolt on power adders to a stock engine... /images/graemlins/soapbox.gif

but that is where the market is - so that is what tuners are forced to satisfy.

Nothing beats a properly built engine built to the finest tolerances and with the right parts combo - they are the money as some would say /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

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