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yellowstain said:
Yeah Larry and the motley crew are good at there day jobs. However only a few know about their night job. Crime fighters. Yes crime fighters. Viper tuners by day, stopping crime by night. What is the name for this dynamic dou you ask
" DIRTY SCOTT and the FAT MAN " or so I am told.
As for you, Mike Shitbrick, about my driving, I just stab it and steer. Hope you got a good look at the front of yellow car 'cause at Braidington, you will only see the back.

All serious aside the people at M2 do nice work. I only take my car there.

Yellowstain out
Please tell me your Viper is Yellow, if not, I don't want to know the origin of your handle. /images/graemlins/sad

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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