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Assuming that I will survive the trip (with my family in a truck for 12 hours) you will all get your don't back down now!

I have to ask though, why is everyone calling me out? Lets take a look at some FACTS;

My Viper:

Lowest HP in the Unlimited Class
Smallest Cubic Inch in the Unlimited Class
Least amount of Mods in the Unlimited Class
5 Year Old Pilots on all 4 corners for Street Tire Class!

In reality, I LOVE the competition and the underdog position. I have nothing to loose. You can count on the following;

1. To be spanked at the starting line
2. No gears will be missed by me
3. I will not run out of nitrous
4. I will not be seen flogging with belts, water tanks, computer cards and other circus act distractions.
5. I will shake your hand if you win
6. I will shake your hand if you loose
7. I will heckle the shit out of you if I can
8. I will be prepared
9. In the case of Tony1, count on seeing more of my license plate
10. I will consider giving the street tire victory to the highest bidder!

There is one more small advantage that I posess..THE FORCE IS WITH ME..ALWAYS!!


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You advanced because of a "red light" victory. Your wildest dreams could not come close to a victory against me. BTW, isn't that Jetson mobile a HMS 650 with a Supercharger AND Holy water Injection? How many mods does that thing have anyway??

P.S. I will personally be performing a "trunk check" for all you cheatin bastards who load your trunks with illegal weight!

I of course, reserve the right to offer No cash paid if foul play is suspected!

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