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96 GTS service manual misprint

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Well, I've just spent the last few hours doing my ignition system. I cleaned and ohmed the wires, checked the plugs, checked cylinder and fuel rail pressures. I reinstalled the wires per the digram in the manual and started to cuss Magnecor for F-ed up wires that don't fit right. Next, I started the car and it popped, backfired and sputtered. I confirmed that all the wires were installed exactly as specified and found one pair wrong. Start the car and it STILL runs like crap. Man, am I pissed now... :pissed: /images/graemlins/angry.gif

Fortunately, I (like Chuck) have 2 Vipers. So, I pulled the cowl off and diagrammed the wires on the '98. They are arranged NOTHING like the manual shows. I pulled all the Magnecors back off the blue car and reinstalled them like the red one's stockers. Man, they fit like a champ now and the car runs just like it's supposed to!

I apologize now to Magnecor for all the terrible things I said about their wires and my wrath is now fully directed to the incompetent asshole who wrote, and the other asshole who supposedly proofed the text in the Dodge service manual. /images/graemlins/flip2.gif:bonk: If it weren't for my other car, I'd be SOL until Monday when I could get to the dealer's library of manuals or get help from someone here.
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So dean, youve been driving around with a misfire all this time?
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