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I agree with SVS, The 321 stainless is a very nice material to go with.
And life is about choices, That is why PTK allows you to choose. You can
go with mild steel with 2000* ceramic coating. Or 304 stainless, Or 321
stainless. It is all about what you want.

Why do we work with mild steel?

Our fabricators have been building street and race turbo systems for over
15 years. Off course for various company's like Axis, Cartech. What I am
getting at is that our guys have been building systems for a long time that
are still on the road today. And this is because of mild steel.

Every stainless system will eventually have stress cracks.

Our mild steel system is guaranteed for the life of the product.
Our stainless steel is not.

This does not mean that our guys do not build great stainless products.
It is due to the nature of stainless. When it comes to welding, our guys
are masters of the trade. True Artist.

I must say, SVS does have one of the nicest looking turbo system that
I have seen.

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Hey Ron, I really do like your stuff and your website is great.
But how many turbo systems have you built ? How many are on the
road everyday? Pro Turbo Kits knows quality and also know how to
provide for a whole spectrum of customers. If you would like to go
head to head in the design game, trust me we can play.

From what I can see your company has some of the best in this market.

But now the market just got a little more crowded. :thumb:

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Oh no fights here, I had a great conversation with Ron on the phone today.
Extremely nice guy and very smart. I look forward to providing positive
growth in the viper market along side with SVS. I hope to work together
in the near future.

Dalton Campbell
PTK Business Manager
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