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3 Vipers wrecked at the track.

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This weekend at the track in Arizona some idiot in a spec racer truck spun out and took out three vipers /images/graemlins/flip2.gif, Ill try to get pics of the vipers im guessing they are at Bill Luke Dodge. Anyone know more about it?
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Yeah, 3 vipers were targeted & messed up, and 2 of the Vipers were Comp Coupes! One driver was hit so hard from the rear that he blacked out for a short bit. Big Bucks to fix this mess.

My understanding is that the guy in the truck has been banned - kicked out of future and is lucky he didn't get pounded.

One of the cars is at Fat Alberts, one is home & don't know about the other.

It was still the big topic at the drags last night. half a dozen vipers showed up (1 with his new sean roe blower & 7 lb pulley) Vipers just dominated .

Must say, there was an electric car that looked like a mini top fuel. 1,600 pounds and 10 seconds in the 1360! It would just grab & go and pit to recharge
Edit: After talking some officials and racers on the track the situation is:

The person driving the truck is a long time area racer and surprised people with what happened that day. Some in ASRA wanted a lifetime ban for the driver but it came down with a ban for the rest of the year and probation for 2004.

At the Start of the race his actions caused the demise of 2 Vipers as one had to pull an evasive move, spun, and got hit. One Viper got the nose messed up and the other got side damage.

Near the end of the race the truck did some rubbing with another Viper and then hit the rear of the Viper hard enough to require 2 new qtr. panels, etc.

cosmetic, but $$ damage to the cars and they should be fixed and back on the track soon. Best of all, no one got major hurt.
Each person fixes their own car. Track isn't responsible.

We had a member in a street session 2 years ago at PIR. (not even wheel to wheel racing, just out driving hot laps).

He was middle on the bank of the oval turn and the Boxter in front of him was high on the oval. Pit lane in at the bottom of the track (inside of the track).

People going to the pits are supposed to come into the banked oval turn low so they can enter the pits without crossing traffic.

Boxter guy decides way late in the turn he wants to get into the pits - right now- and instead of making another lap so he could make a safe entry to the pits, goes from high on the bank, across the track and directly in front of the Viper. Viper impacts the Boster driver door hard. Boster driver Airlifted out. Both cars totaled. Each driver takes care of his own damage, although the Viper owner tried to get some compensation.

In the case of last weekend, each owner pays for their own fix.

Review of in car cameras on other race cars and discussions with drivers both involved and not involved led to decision that while not intentional, the driving of the truck caused the incidents at the beginning and near end of the race.
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