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25 + - Vipers in one place

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I took a quick drive tonight to see the Vipers that got together at a main street cruise. This was at Somerville, N.J.

What I learned is:

Black is the best color, (all colors were all there) Saphire is sweet when clean.

The new SRT10 is not for me. In Black I like it, silver, no thanks.

Not all VCA members are posers, some of them can't even get the dirt off their car before drying it. :doh:

I still do not the Connolly interior at all.

A Diablo SV drew a large crowd. This among a sea of Vipers no less...

I look damn young for my age, most guys there my age looked 10 years older then me. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

And after seeing hundreds of Vipers and driving some over the years, I still get a hard-on for the car just by looking at it. :busted:

I saw the exact car I want, Black/no stripe 99 ACR but the owner is never going to sell the car he said. Good for him. :thumb:

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Very Cool to see all those Snakes and a bonus Diablo..Black does look awesome when cleaned and waxed correctly..the acr is a sharp looker

I went for a ride tonight in my Fe GTS and found a car show, but jammed up place to park...But as I drove around the square, ALL heads and eyes were on my GTS ...

Man I Love this Car!!!

I've always liked the Black '99 ACR myself too. ;)
Like this Jerome? This fucker was LOUD! It was dirty, so it didnt look as good as it could have.



The show was cool and i got to see alot of Viper owners that lived in New Jersey and some in PA.
Great bunch of guys!
What the fuck is up with the little VCA pics where my pics are suppose to be? What bullshit! :bonk:

You can't link off their page. That way you can be sure you only get Genuine VCA Quality Images by visiting their Official Website.

It's for your own good.

Thanks Toby! How did you get it to work?

AUSTIN said:
Thanks Toby! How did you get it to work?

easy...I found the link...cut/paste it into a new window...right downloaded it here. :nod:
Hey Schillinger, where in Houston are you? Im in Clearlake.

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