Selling my 2005 Viper because I can't drive it due to my lower back issues. I bought the car on 8/22/22 from basically the original owner (the dealer had it for a couple years and put 379 miles on it), and I've only put 620 miles on the car since. It has a total of 35,695 miles. I finally had my yellow Viper and now I can't drive it... I'm asking $54,000, but have dropped the price to $52,000.

The exterior Race Yellow paint is in really good condition and has been recently detailed including polished and a coat of wax. It has some normal chips from driving it, but not many that are noticeable even close up. The underside of the front bumper has some scuffs from rubbing--probably some from getting up my driveway, but that is pretty normal for these cars unless the car was a garage queen. This is a very well taken care of car that was driven at a rate of only about 2k a year. I have an Autocheck and a CarFax report for serious buyers. Much of the car shows like it has almost new paint as the previous owner took good care of it.

It is basically stock except he had a Corsa exhaust put on. It also has the original navigation radio. The interior is immaculate with no issues. I bought new Viper floor mats last fall. He told me it was a weekend car and he never raced it.

I purchased new tires for it last fall, so they are basically new. They are Continental Extreme Contact in 355/30 ZR19 on rear and 295/30 ZR18 on the front. I also replaced the battery. New tires & new battery. That's $2,500 the buyer won't have to spend. Again, I have all the service records, and the manuals and two keys.