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2004 Durango

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So the delaer let me drive home this new 2004 Durango SLT with the "Family Group" (DVD player, different kind of leather) and a HEMI. It's got the sunroof and all the other goodies - they want $31k ($800 over invoice and $5,000 in rebates). $800 over invoice seems a little much with all the bargins out there today.

Overall, seems like a decent ride - bigger than my 2000 Durango and better engine. Not sure its enough for me to make the upgrade, though.
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Are they going to do an RT version? I really don't care for all that chrome.
Ugh, get rid of all the chrome!

The Durango is great for guys like me who have a bunch of kids; that third bench is a necessity. The new Durangos even have a split rear bench with bigger seating for older kids (much more comfortable).

There aren't alot of smaller-sized SUVs which have the third seat, you know.
I have a dual axle trailer that I use to tow 3 ATVs with.

1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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