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2001 DLM Viper for sale "Final edition"

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2001 DLM Viper for sale \"Final edition\"

I will be selling my 2001 DLM Viper which was "Twinvipers" car previously. I purchased the car from Jeff not realizing that Id have to part with the car so soon. I will be entering into a new business venture and the the financial obligation needed as grown as the deal got closer to closeing. I have decided that I should sell a few of my toys in response to my needs. This car is absolutly beautiful. I drove the car from Long Island to South Carolina which accounts for 1000 of the miles ive added to the car totaling 11k. The car has red with white stripes pushing 941rwhp. This car has gone in the 9s and runs amazing. It also has the rollcage installed as well as the safety harnesses. The tires are in good shape as well as the 18inch Fikse wheels which are black. There is an intercoller spray bar installed. DLM put his magic hands on this car and its bulletproof from the built bottom end to the top. I will be glad to answer any questions, feel free to call. 8432983020 ask for Steve
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Re: 2001 DLM Viper for sale \"Final edition\"

wow.Hey twins you should have kept Moundirs car.That thing was fast.Well hopefully by next year I can play with the big boyz.I'm just keeping my mouth shut until it all gets done.I hate talking thrash over internet on whose car is quicker.Take it to the track my brothers and thats all there is to it.

Dr.Roof ever fly down to NY?

My car is the fastest Blower car ever Produced! The lean machine that Twin VIpers sold to Got rubber was never even close!

not been to New York in a while but if I had reason to I could. I might come down with Mik Moundir sometime!
He told me about you :thumb:
Re: 2001 DLM Viper for sale \"Final edition\"

Roof, just out of curiousity, do you still support DLM and their work or are you strictly an RSI customer now?

Both cars are incredible machines!
Re: 2001 DLM Viper for sale \"Final edition\"

Dimitrios is going also.
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