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2.5' Corsa Cat Back for sale.

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2.5\' Corsa Cat Back for sale.


If your looking for an great deal on an exhaust, I may have one! I currently have the 2.5 inch Corsa cat-back on my '98 GTS, like new condition. I installed it on the car about 2 years ago, with NO regrets. It sounds and looks great! Much less restrictive than the pathetic OEM exhaust. Although, due to the future installation of my Roe SuperCharger, I was forced to purchase the 3' Corsa + Headers to free up additional flow for the added power. This 2.5' Corsa exhaust is complete will everything needed to install (All clamps/2 gaskets), and I still have the original factory boxes and packing for safe shipment. Still have the original installation instructions as well. IMO, the Corsa is the best sounding (subjective), best looking tips (subjective), and by far the best quality. The welds are a work of art on this thing. Annoying drone is gone as well.

This system will produce the same HP gains as the 3', on a Viper that is stock or lightly modified. Once you start to get into moderate+ to highly modified Vipers, the 3' will be of benefit.

Describing sound is a hard thing to do, but has a few sound bytes you can check out. IMO, * Louder/meaner at idle. *Quieter in the cabin when cruising (under 2500 RPM's), although louder outside the car. *When accelerating, the thing screams. Much louder than stock, and very exotic sounding.

*I will need 1-2 weeks for removal of the 2.5 Corsa, as it is still on my Viper.

O.K. How much? $700 plus shipping. The price is firm.

Let me know. First come, first serve.

Email me at:

[email protected]
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Re: 2.5\' Corsa Cat Back for sale.

cant you get the 3" delievered for under 1100, new?
Re: 2.5\' Corsa Cat Back for sale.

Sent you an email
I may be interested.
Re: 2.5\' Corsa Cat Back for sale.

Viperjoe - You got mail.
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