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18" Kumho Question

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18\" Kumho Question

New tires for the snake are on my xmas list and I'm thinking seriously of going with Kumhos, as the grip per dollar rating is good.

I did some checking on TireRack and it looks like the Ectsa V700 is the line available in 18" in both 285/30 and 335/30.
Is this what folks have gone with? Also looks like I should have them shaved - just in case they see a track day :nod:
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Re: 18\" Kumho Question

I'm not sure how available that size is... you should call and check ASAP. If they have it, buy it! Last I checked, they weren't in stock.

Be prepared to 3M the heck out of your sidesills. The V700's kick up a TON of debris. I used to run them for autox on my Supra, and tried them on the street... horrible wet traction (and I mean horrible traction at 20 mph). So, be sure that you'll never get caught in the rain!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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